How Big are Blood Clots?

I often find that patients and even physicians have widely differing views on the size of blood clot when they get an ultrasound report or interpretation. There are several types of blood clots and they can occur in both arteries… Read More ›

Straight, No Chaser: X-Ray Safety

Another great blog on a topic that needs to be addressed. In the current climate of patient satisfaction many providers feel pressure to make the patient happy. I see this with venous ultrasounds to evaluate for DVT. The patient says… Read More ›

Should We Allow a Patient’s  Family Member in the Vascular Ultrasound Room?

  I have been performing ultrasound for nearly two decades. I have always allowed for one family member to join a patient during a vascular exam. I always ask the patient for HIPPA reasons. This is important as they may… Read More ›

Gastrocnemius Vein Thrombus

Deep vein thrombus starts in the lower legs most of the time. The thrombus progresses up the calf into the knee and thigh.  Many physicians don’t treat calf vein thrombus as there is a belief that it is not dangerous…. Read More ›

Straight, No Chaser: Blood Clots in Your Legs – Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT)

Deep vein thrombus is a subject that needs more attention!