Ten Things To Celebrate this 4th of July

Living in America is plain awesome and here are ten reasons why!     American girls and women

Laser Vein Treatment – The Costly Confusion

Over the last twenty to thirty years the word “Laser” has come to be a word with mythological and perhaps magical meaning. What does the word “Laser” mean to the average person? For many, it conjures up the image of… Read More ›

How Would You Describe This Arterial Waveform Part 2

I have included two waveform’s from the same test, as you can see there is some variation in both waveform’s. These were all taken in the upper extremity during the same test. All of the other sites had similar waveform… Read More ›

Pre-Certification For Vein Treatment

How long does it take your vein practice to get pre-certification? Take our poll (below). Pre-certification, also known as prior-authorization, is the process of getting approval from your health plan before you have any health procedures performed.  Getting pre-certification for vein… Read More ›

Poll On How Your Facility Performs Venous Reflux Testing

This poll is to find out all of the different ways in which venous reflux testing is being performed.