Ten Things To Celebrate this 4th of July

Living in America is plain awesome and here are ten reasons why!

  1.     American girls and women

Women have complete freedom and can be and do as they want. Our women are strong, beautiful and reflect the American spirit.

  1.     Football

American’s have football simple as that.

  1.     American Healthcare

American’s have the best healthcare system in the world…..even with Obama care.

  1.     Baseball

Nothing is more American than Baseball!

  1.     Free Will and Freedom

Free will is something that most American’s take for granted….you can be a dumb or ridiculous as you want in America.

  1.     Freedom of Religion 

Freedom of religion,  freedom from religion,  belief in God, Jesus, Allah, the Ocean, or the wind, Even belief in nothing is possible in America……… like it or not.

7.     Muscle Cars

Nothing says America like the muscle car.

  1.     Right to Vote.

Every American citizen  has the right to vote. .

  1.     Apple Pie

Apple Pie simply American!
Overhead shot of a lattice top apple pie on an American Flag table cloth.

  1.      America has the best military in the world.

America has the best military in the world. As we celebrate Independence Day let us not forget about all of the Men and Women who serve and have served our great country.


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