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Our company was founded on the idea that vascular and non vascular imaging is an art form. Our goal is to assist hospitals and independent imaging centers in the areas of image quality, accreditation, and market awareness. Our staff is knowledgeable of cutting edge technology and the proper protocols that effect imaging quality. Our mission is to provide advanced as well as beginner hands-on training in an atmosphere most comfortable for the students success. 

We are willing to put our resources and expertise in vascular imaging and lab management to work for your office.
Through our ability to offer CME education courses at your facility, we are able to customize the program to meet the needs of your sonographers and physician staff.
Performing on-site training: Reduces cost, maintains revenue streams, and provides global skill advancement. 
To train at your facility, with your equipment while performing exams with your physicians input is invaluable.
This revenue often pays for the training itself. 
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  • Menstrual Pain Legs – University Surgical Vascular

    Pelvic and leg pain during menstruation is caused by pelvic congestion syndrome in 1/3 of women. Varicose veins around the ovaries and uterus

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    23% of women with varicose veins suffer from pelvic congestion syndrome.

  • Venaseal Varicose Vein Treatment – Truffles Vein Specialists

    A revolutionary new way to treat varicose veins, the VenaSeal treatment no anesthesia, no support hose, immediate relief of symptoms, less visits,

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    Truffles Vein Specialists is proud to announce that we offer Venaseal a revolutionary new way to treat varicose veins. No anesthesia, no support hose, immediate reflief and the ability to get back to your active lifestyle. Truffles Vein Specialists offers a full suite of vein treatment options including radio-frequency ablation, laser vein therapy, foam sclerotherapy, liquid sclerotherapy, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy and now Venaseal. 

  • Straight, No Chaser: Defending Yourself From Medication Errors

    http://www.trufflesveinspecialists.comEvery time you take medication or allow someone to administer it to you, you are taking a significant leap of faith. Think about it. How many individual things do you do daily that are as potential… Source: Straight, No Chaser:… Read More ›

  • GOCA’s Bag of Hope Worth More Than Oscars Bag

    It was just released that the Oscars Gift Bag is worth $232,000. Directors and Actors (25) who received nominations receive this over the top gift bag. The List of Sponsors is long! On the other hand you have the Georgia… Read More ›

  • Even Celebrities Get Varicose Veins — And Do Something About Them

    Varicose veins can happen to anyone at almost any age, including many celebrities. These ugly, bulging varicose veins are a sign of venous insufficiency.

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    Can you believe Brittany had varicose vein surgery in 2012.

  • The Hidden Danger of Varicose Veins – Next Avenue

    Left untreated, varicose veins could lead to more serious consequences.

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    Most people think of varicose veins as a cosmetic concern, but they can lead to other, more serious problems. For example, when blood pools in the vein, it can clot. “I use the analogy of a running stream versus a stagnant pond,” Anton says. “This can cause phlebitis, a superficial clot that can be painful, but usually not life threatening.”

  • Angiosome-Guided Testing | Clinicians | Väsamed

    Angiosome Guided TestingTissue perfusion is regulated by the microcirculation. The six angiosomes of the foot and ankle are supplied by three main arteries – the posterior tibial, the anterior tibial and the peroneal artery. Skin perfusion pressure can be used to assess various angiosomes while PAD-IQ’s touch screen, color-coded interface makes this an intuitive process. The PTA supplies the plantar aspect of the toes, the web spaces between the toes, the sole of the foot, and the inside of the heel. Three main branches of the PTA supply distinct portions of the sole: the calcaneal branch supplies the heel, the medial plantar artery supplies the instep, and the lateral plantar artery supplies the lateral midfoot and the forefoot. The ATA becomes the doralis pedis artery that supplies the dorsum of the foot. The PA supplies the lateral border of the ankle and the outside of the heel. The two branches of the PA supply the anterolateral portion of the ankle and the hid foot, with the anterior perforating branch supplying the anterlateral part of the upper ankle and the calcaneal branch supplying the plantar aspect of the heel.

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    How are you testing the micro-circulation? Does a great toe pressure really give you the information you need? Are your TCPO2 results repeatable?

  • Macon Varicose & Spider Veins

    Macon varicose veins (or spider veins) are swollen, ropey, gnarled veins that can cause throbbing pain, severe swelling, and heavy tired legs.

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    VIRA has More Vein Treaments: Both Laser and RadiofrequencyVIRA physicians are the only Central Georgia practitioners with the latest Laser Vein Therapy, which uses a small laser on a tube inserted into the vein, and generally reduces pain and bruising. Additionally our doctors often opt for the agile radio-frequency ablation, described below, to heat and close the diseased vein for great results. The good news is that VIRA physicians have a choice of treatments to ensure that YOUR vein treatment will give YOU the best results. Additionally schlerotherapy is usually included (and covered by insurance) to ensure the great results are long-lasting.Macon Varicose VeinsVaricose veins before and after treatmentVaricose veins before and after treatmentVaricose veins (or spider veins) are swollen, ropey, gnarled veins that can cause throbbing pain, severe swelling, and heavy tired legs. This medical disorder affects 25 million Americans including one-half of all people over the age of 50 and two-thirds of all women over 60. Most of these people have suffered with varicose veins for decades.Heredity is the major factor in varicose veins. If your parents or siblings have had varicose veins, then you are more likely to develop them. People who are obese or women with multiple pregnancies are particularly susceptible because the extra weight puts strain on the veins. Women are more prone to develop varicose veins than men, in part because female hormones tend to relax vein walls and contribute to development of venous reflux..

  • Macon Varicose & Spider Veins

    Macon varicose veins (or spider veins) are swollen, ropey, gnarled veins that can cause throbbing pain, severe swelling, and heavy tired legs.

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    Some people will have large varicose veins that are not visible as they lie under the skin. If you have pain swelling or other symptoms an ultrasound may be needed to clarify your condition. Seeing a qualified specialist today.

  • Varicose Veins – Truffles Vein Specialists

    Feel and Look Better! Varicose vein treatment that is covered by insurance. Comprehensive vein treatment including medical and cosmetic. Award winning testing

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    Do you have heavy legs? Leg swelling? Discoloration in the lower aspect of the leg? Even slight swelling around the ankles can mean you have an underlying vein condition. Find out more