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Our company was founded on the idea that vascular and non vascular imaging is an art form. Our goal is to assist hospitals and independent imaging centers in the areas of image quality, accreditation, and market awareness. Our staff is knowledgeable of cutting edge technology and the proper protocols that effect imaging quality. Our mission is to provide advanced as well as beginner hands-on training in an atmosphere most comfortable for the students success. 

We are willing to put our resources and expertise in vascular imaging and lab management to work for your office.
Through our ability to offer CME education courses at your facility, we are able to customize the program to meet the needs of your sonographers and physician staff.
Performing on-site training: Reduces cost, maintains revenue streams, and provides global skill advancement. 
To train at your facility, with your equipment while performing exams with your physicians input is invaluable.
This revenue often pays for the training itself. 
Contact us for more information on our products and services.

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