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Angiosome Guided TestingTissue perfusion is regulated by the microcirculation. The six angiosomes of the foot and ankle are supplied by three main arteries – the posterior tibial, the anterior tibial and the peroneal artery. Skin perfusion pressure can be used to assess various angiosomes while PAD-IQ’s touch screen, color-coded interface makes this an intuitive process. The PTA supplies the plantar aspect of the toes, the web spaces between the toes, the sole of the foot, and the inside of the heel. Three main branches of the PTA supply distinct portions of the sole: the calcaneal branch supplies the heel, the medial plantar artery supplies the instep, and the lateral plantar artery supplies the lateral midfoot and the forefoot. The ATA becomes the doralis pedis artery that supplies the dorsum of the foot. The PA supplies the lateral border of the ankle and the outside of the heel. The two branches of the PA supply the anterolateral portion of the ankle and the hid foot, with the anterior perforating branch supplying the anterlateral part of the upper ankle and the calcaneal branch supplying the plantar aspect of the heel.

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How are you testing the micro-circulation? Does a great toe pressure really give you the information you need? Are your TCPO2 results repeatable?