“The Ultimate Marketing Fail” Presented by Bud Light

 Update on original post.

So the day finally came and no BudLight didn’t come to our horrible seats 5 rows from the top. We didn’t get ushered down to a suite or even offered a beer. Nope the “Ultimate NFL Experience” was $36 seats in a section that literally was all Pittsburgh fans.
I will say it was interesting to watch the workers dropping parachutes from below eye level!



Section 342 Georgia Dome “Bud Lights Ultimate NFL Experience”

Two weeks ago while catching up with the highlights of the day, I came across the “Ultimate NFL Fan Experience” by Bud Light commercial. I got out of bed and walked over to my cell phone and headed to the Bud Light website.  After entering the sweepstakes I played the online game and sent a beer to a friend on Facebook. I didn’t expect to win.

The following Wednesday I received an email that I had won the “Ultimate NFL Experience Contest” from Bud Light.

The prize, as described in the Official Rules, is the Favorite Team Prize consisting of four (4) tickets to a 2014 regular-season game of winner’s choice for the Favorite Team selected at the time of Entry.  Approximate retail value is $1,600.00.  Any difference between stated value and actual value will not be awarded’.



“My Ultimate NFL Fan Experience” is four tickets in Section 342 one of the highest sections in the upper corner of Georgia Dome.



he approximate retail value for the prize was $1,600.00 However, actual ticket values vary substantially from game to game and market to market/team to team”. The email also states that the “seating assignments are at the Sponsors sole discretion” and are “subject to availability”. The value of my prize is $144, less than 10% of the stated value.

I am going to the game and I will cheer on the Falcons against the Steelers, because the tickets are free and I can not transfer them to anyone else.

What do you think? Do I sound like sour grapes or is this an “Ultimate Marketing Fail” poor exucution of a brilliant marketing plan?

For the record I will sit in the upper section and pretend that I am having “The Ultimate NFL Experience”.


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19 replies

  1. well that sucks. sorry man. i just got that same winning email today so i searched online to try to see what kind of seats people have gotten. guess i can lower my expectations!

  2. Hi, I got the winning email too, says I have to file an IRS1099 form? How about you guys?

  3. Hi, did they ask you to file the irs1099 form for the tax?

  4. I got their email too, ask me to accept it or decline it, they says the ticket worth $1600, that will be about $400 tax for me. So I am hesitate to accept the prize

    • That was the most disappointing part. You figure you are getting much more that just tickets? All have to be 21 or older but no information. I am going to sit in the top but it is disappointing.

  5. Agree, I don’t want to pay $400 just sit in the upper corner as you are.

  6. At least they didn’t ask you to file 1099 for the tax finally , the tickets worth $1600, tax is expensive.

  7. Wow……just got confirmation my tickets are on way…….I was excited until I googled how the rickets would be mailed and this is the first thing that popped up

  8. The experience was aweful. The seats were 5 rows from the top of the Dome and we were the only Falcons fans in the area. To make it worse I had to watch as BudLight had the Thirst Row (first row seats) all drinking beer wearing merchandise and nothing but a bad seat for the “Ultimate NFL Experience”.


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