How Big are Blood Clots?

I often find that patients and even physicians have widely differing views on the size of blood clot when they get an ultrasound report or interpretation. There are several types of blood clots and they can occur in both arteries… Read More ›

Pre-Certification For Vein Treatment

How long does it take your vein practice to get pre-certification? Take our poll (below). Pre-certification, also known as prior-authorization, is the process of getting approval from your health plan before you have any health procedures performed.  Getting pre-certification for vein… Read More ›

Poll On How Your Facility Performs Venous Reflux Testing

This poll is to find out all of the different ways in which venous reflux testing is being performed.

Why Should I look for Calf Vein Thrombus if You Don’t Treat it?

It was asked in a Linkedin forum “How important are calf veins when looking for DVT”? More people die as a result of deep vein thrombosis and its complications than from breast cancer, AIDS and all motor vehicles combined. Blood… Read More ›

Role of The Vascular Technologist and Preliminary Reports

Role of The Vascular Technologist and Preliminary Reports.

Is your Facility Missing Deep Vein Thrombus 40% of the Time?

Deep vein thrombosis in the lower extremity occurs in the intramuscular veins approximately 40% of the time. Is your facility missing them? Modern venous ultrasound has been around for over 20 years.

How Will The Affordable Care Act Affect Your Ability to Receive Quality Vein Treatment?

The answer to the question is unknown and remains to be seen how it will play out. As with most Americans I have no absolute answers to insurance and government programs that are highly confusing and prone to frequent changes… Read More ›